We Extend a Warm Welcome to You to Visit us in 2020!

"The best place to start is the beginning."

Now there are lots of beginnings one could choose.   The start of a new year is one.  This year at St. Andrew’s, throughout the winter and spring, we’ll be going back to the beginning of our faith, with the life and ministry of Jesus.  We’ll be making our way through the Gospel of Luke each Sunday.

For those who really don’t know Jesus or why he’s had such a profound impact on this world, this would be a great time to come and find out.  If you already have some familiarity with Jesus, this could be the chance to “meet him again”.  And for those who already count themselves among his disciples, here’s a chance to get to know better the one that we call Saviour.


We hope you’ll join us!

Come as you are... Check out our website for more information, or give Pastor Duncan or Pastor Monica a call (416) 438-4100), or e-mail (visit our 'Contact Us' page for details).


What's Happening at St. Andrew's


Next PA Day Camp – February 14, 2020


Helping Hands Cafe – February 15, 2020


St. Patrick’s Night – March 21, 2020


Becoming a Contagious Christian – January 15, 2020


50th Annual Burns Dinner – January 25, 2020

Looking Forward

“Looking Forward….”

World Day of Prayer1

World Day of Prayer – March 6, 2020

StAndrews-Christmas-2019-Scarborough copy

Christmas Special Events

christmas pie!

What is a Christmas Pie??


Stew Supper and Hymn Sing Concert Photos!