Cropshare Program

During the month of May, St. Andrew’s focuses on Cropshare and the Canada Foodgrains Bank.  These two programs in Canada work together to provide food wherever there is a need throughout the world.  At this time, Ethiopia is in the news as their famine is severe due to the drought and food is being sent to them and the  earthquake victims where possible.  Many farmers across Canada band together providing their expertise, seed and fertilizer to grow crops.  The proceeds from this is given to Canada Foodgrains Bank, a mostly Christian organization, that can store and deliver food to those in need.  This allows PWS&D to direct where this food is needed.

Your Mission and Outreach Committee directs your attention to the display in the C.E. Hall. You may contribute to the Cropshare programs of Teeswater, ON, and Leaskdale (just north of Uxbridge) by using your regular offering envelope clearly marking the amount you wish to give to these programs.”

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