Advent.  It’s not a word that gets used much in everyday conversation, but it is a word that’s packed with meaning for those who know the grace and truth that came through Jesus Christ (John 1:17).

For the Church, Advent is first of all a season, a time of getting ready.  Just are there are all kinds of things we might do as individuals and families to get our homes and schedules and shopping lists ready for Christmas, so there are things we can do as Christians to help us more fully celebrate Jesus’ birth.

Advent is a time for once again telling the story* of how, when the time was exactly right (Galatians 4:4), God came among us.  The word “advent” means arrival, and it’s the arrival of Jesus in the midst of this very broken world that we get ready to celebrate each year.

Jesus, though, also promised that he would one day come again, like the return of the king in J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings”.   In other words, there will someday be a second advent – a second arrival.  And this season is also a time for us to ask ourselves if we’re prepared for that day when the king comes again.  We invite you to join us this season – to do a little introspection, but also to hear the story once again, and discover how you can be a part of it!

*When I use the word “story” I don’t in any way mean to imply that it’s not also history.