lent-spiritual-preparationPreparation.  That’s what the season of Lent is about. It’s about getting ready.

Now getting ready can take a lot of different forms. You can get ready for school, for work, for vacation, even for the end of life.

What we’re getting ready for is to once again stand before the cross and the empty tomb. That’s where our faith begins. That’s where our failures were forgiven. That’s where hope begins to dawn once again.

We’re not alone in preparing for that. Two thousand years ago, Jesus prepared his first disciples for what was about to happen as they made their way towards Jerusalem. Even then, though, Jesus’ preparations weren’t complete. There were things he needed to do, and things he needed to say, right up until the moment of his death.

This year, we’re going to be looking at those last things Jesus had to say: the seven “words” from the cross, beginning with “Father, forgive them” and ending with “Into Your hands I commit my spirit”. We’re going to be looking at those words for the insight they offer – insight into what was happening on the cross, into what was happening in the heart of Jesus, and into what was happening within the plans of God.

We hope you can join us.