June 11 Anniversary ~ Service!

Open this post for a special welcome, and tulip photos!

Stop and Smell the Tulips!

This year, in recognition of the 150th anniversary of Canada, a special tulip has been commissioned.  With a beautiful combination of white with a vibrant red flame, the Canada 150 Tulip is reminiscent of the colour of our flag. These special tulips which were buried in the ground last fall are just beginning to unfurl … willowy and green, with buds firmly closed…but with each sunny day, the buds are starting to gradually open … a hint of white…a glimmer of red…they are a promise of something beautiful to come!  Anticipating seeing these bulbs in full bloom has been part of our daily ritual at home over the past few weeks.

For St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Scarborough, we are also experiencing an exciting period of anticipation!  Our worship service on Sunday, June 11th at 10 am marks the 199th anniversary of the founding of our church.   It also marks the beginning of an exciting year of activities celebrating our Bicentennial Year …200 years sharing God’s love in Scarborough!

We extend to you a warm welcome to our fellowship!  Feel free to join in one of our many activities throughout the year.  Check us out!  Come worship with us!