St. Andrew’s Groups

St. Andrew’s has a wonderful array of activities and groups. The following groups each focus on serving God in their own special way (click on each to get more information):

Mission Outreach Committee
The Prayer Chain
Adult Discipleship Studies Group
Presbyterian Women
The Worship Committee
Men’s Breakfast Group
Decor Committee
Library Committee
Progressive Education Team

In addition, we have groups and special activities designed for fellowship, and developing new friendships!

The Bridge Club

We have now been together for over 7 year of fellowship. The purpose of our group is to provide an opportunity for people of common interests to get together on a regular basis and play a friendly game of bridge. Our players are of varying skills and experience. As we do not award prizes, the reality is that how well you score isn’t as important as how much you enjoy the socializing. It is a wonderful way to make new friends. All are Welcome!

The Decor Committee

The Decor Committee keeps the Sanctuary and Christian Education Hall looking delightful. The Decor coincides with the seasons and Holidays. Whether you are remembering a loved one, a special anniversaryor just want to express thanksgiving or love, flowers are a nice touch. Decorate our sanctuary with flowers
on your day for remembering.

Library Committee

Our Library’s mission is to:

  • provide the congregation with high-quality, Christian based reading material, CD’s and DVD’s.
  • help develop, nurture and build our faith through fellowship, friendship and stewardship.

The objective of the library is to provide books, chiefly pertaining to religion, but other books as well, at the discretion of the library committee. Both children’s and adult’s books are provided as resource material to support the Sunday school and all church groups.  We have over 2000 books plus audio and video tapes and CD’s.

Link to the Book Room of the Presbyterian Church of Canada

Mission and Outreach

Under a mandate from the Session, the purpose of this committee is to involve the whole congregation in mission:

  • by encouraging support for the Mission work of the Presbyterian Church at large;
  • by responding to needs within the local community;
  • by evaluating financial appeals and suggesting appropriate action;
  • by sponsorship of refugees as the occasion arises.

Through Presbyterian World Service & Development, the congregation contributes to world and disaster relief.

Through the Presbyterian Mission, Evangel Hall, we assist those in need in Toronto .

Through the Teeswater Presbyterian Cropshare project, St. Andrews has supported the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. By contributing to a cropshare program donations are multiplied significantly.

For several years the congregation organized a BBQ for the immediate church district as an important outreach to the community.

The congregation is encouraged to participate in the Canada Day Parade.

Members of the congregation have helped a neighbourhood shelter for mothers and children.

St. Andrew’s members regularly contribute food items for the Food Bank in our neighbouring Presbyterian Church – St. David’s

The Prayer Chain

The prayer Chain consists of three teams of people who pray for the needs and concerns of the congregation and their loved ones.
If you have a concern or a reason for giving thanks that you’d like to share with the congregation and have included in our prayers, prayer request cards are available on the table in the Narthex. It will be included
in the Pastoral Prayers the following week.


Presbyterian Women

Continuing a longstanding tradition, the Women of St. Andrew’s generously support the work of the local and national church.
The congregation’s records show that women have always taken an active part in caring for those in need, supporting Missions, and helping with the upkeep of the buildings. The Women’s group traces its roots to 1856 when ‘The Female Juvenile Association’ was formed to raise funds to educate orphan girls in India.
Over the years the Women’s groups have operated under several different names. In 1860, the group was known as Scotch Church Ladies Association, in 1875 it became St. Andrew’s Ladies Association, and in 1888 the Ladies Missionary Association of St. Andrew’s Scarborough. In 1914 they affiliated with the newly formed Women’s Missionary Society (WMS) and continued under that name until 1969 when ‘after careful study’ the WMS and the W.A. merged, using the present name PRESBYTERIAN WOMEN.

Currently, there are two groups with a membership of 44 women. One group meets in the evening on the second Monday of each month, and the other on the fourth Tuesday, in the afternoon. Twice a year, in May and November, the groups meet together enjoying the fellowship of a pot luck supper and a special programme.

The groups maintain an active interest in the WMS, supporting it financially and keeping informed of Missionary activities. Representatives from St. Andrew’s participate in Presbyterial, Synodical and Council Meetings.

Besides meeting once a month, the women frequently cater to weddings and banquets, enlisting help from others in the congregation.

Programmes are arranged and guest speakers invited to cover a wide range of topics and the meetings are always open to anyone wishing to attend. Men are welcome too!

For further information, phone the church office at (416) 438-4100.

Men’s Breakfast Group

The men of the church have organized breakfasts on Saturday mornings in the fall, winter and spring months. A wide range of speakers and topics are discussed. Watch the news page for the next meeting.

Progressive Education Team “P.E.T”

The Progressive Education Team works to oversee various education-related ministries and activities of the church. These include Sunday school, Youth Group, Bible studies, congregational breakfasts, after-church mixers, the Crieff Hills retreat, and the library.

Worship Committee

The Worship Committee is a Committee of the Session of St. Andrew’s. Our responsibility is to make recommendations to the Session concerning its areas of Worship and to carry out the Session’s instructions regarding those areas.
The mandate of the Committee is to explore and implement ways to enhance Worship at St. Andrew’s. This is accomplished by:

  1. Involving members of the congregation during Worship.
  2. Being a creative resource to the minister.
  3. Planning and/or assisting special services (a delegated responsibility of the session)
  4. Prayerfully considering the needs of the congregation regarding Worship, prayers and praise, and
  5. Praying for the Worship at St. Andrew’s

The Committee is comprised of the Minister, Director of Music, Session Representative and three to five members of the Congregation. Members are asked for a two-year commitment. The Committee meets on a monthly or as-required basis.

The Worship Committee would like to hear from anyone with ideas regarding our Worship at St. Andrew’s. Comments and/or suggestion can be left at the office or given to any member of the Committee.

Robbie Burns Dinner

While the growth of the community of St. Andrew’s has been intertwined heavily with the growth of Scarborough, it is important not to forget that St. Andrew’s began as a Scottish Church. One of the more common ways of celebrating one’s Scottish origins is by having a Robbie Burns dinner, named for the legendary Scottish poet who lived from 1759 to 1796.
The suppers began at St. Andrew’s in 1970. The evening is complete with a meal of roast beef, Scottish music and dancing and of course haggis is “piped in”! Sponsored by the Board of Managers the supper has helped with the funding of many worthwhile projects.