Boarding Home Ministry


In all our cities there are isolated people living in small dingy rooms in boarding houses.  Our ‘Presbyterian Boarding Homes Ministry’ seeks to help by sending teams from churches to visit and create a community feeling; bringing Christian fellowship in an ongoing friendship to those who do not/cannot attend church services. “The Ministry provides seasonal meals and celebrations, pastoral training and development for teams, music and art resources. There is little that is predictable in these visits. Interactions are genuine, and rarely wrapped in social conventions. Prayer and conversation often calm the spirit,  and make room for laughter and reflection. The regular bi-weekly gatherings have brought neighbours together. This closeness and integrity allows residents and church visitor to bring their lives forward and share them in Christ. BHM is a faith ministry. All its funding is from individual donors, Presbyteries and congregations including ours.

BHM deeply appreciates the faithfulness and generosity of St. Andrew’s. May grace, blessings and peace attend you.” They ask us to remember that all willing Christians might move out beyond church walls, relying on the Spirit, and offering Christ’s love to counter forces in society that too often push people away who have mental health problems.

For more information, go to the Boarding House Website here.