Pikangikum First Nations – Special Project

As a special project for our 200th Anniversary Year in 2018, St. Andrew’s congregation would like to help provide running water to homes in the First Nations Village of Pikangikum.  What would it be like to have no water in the home?   Having to melt snow, cut the ice from the river, or carry buckets – and that for unclean water!   Not to be able to wash the children or their clothes!   When you see the ‘out house’ that our youth group has made, let it remind you how fortunate we are in the ‘south’ to have all the conveniences necessary to live a good life.

Of course, it is expensive to provide the infrastructure to keep the water from freezing in the cold and to provide running water in the homes of Pikangikum village.  $33,000 for each house is a lot but every contribution will be used for this purpose.   This is a gradual project by the Pikangikum Working Group supported by other denominations.  Families with the greatest need are chosen by the Village Elders.  It has been proven that the incidence of skin diseases have decreased because of the improved cleanliness, particularly among the school children.   The added self-respect is a factor in preventing youth suicide.  Providing jobs and training for the youth is an added bonus in this and other village projects.

Part of our heritage as a congregation is in the land of the First Nations who were resident here 200 years ago.  Let us do something to remember and to improve their present situation.

Suggestions are gratefully received as to how we can accomplish this project.  Please place your ideas under the roof of the ‘out house’.   Contributions can be made using the small brown envelopes available for this purpose, or your regular offering envelope.

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