Meet one of our members….

From time to, the St. Andrew’s Web site will introduce you to some of our members… in their own words.  The first is Pat Boyes – one of our elders:

Patricia Ann

I love life, love, laughter and The Lord; not necessarily in that order. I dislike dissention, petty peevishness, and poop scooping. My family of five children, fourteen grandchildren, and six (so far) great-grandchildren are my pride and joy.

My most recent accomplishment is the publishing of my book, My Precious Life. At age seventy-seven, this says to me that you are never too old to do something new. Scarborough, Ontario, Canada is my home away from home. My real home is Heaven.

To get to know Pat and learn more about her faith and her story, she invites you to visit her web site at: