Christmas 2022

The headlines this year have been much occupied with the tragedy in Ukraine. As winter weather sets in, hopes and prayers for an end to the destruction and occupation become even more poignant.

Something we don’t often recognize is that Christmas itself was an invasion of sorts. Many people, if they think about God, might think that God essentially set this world in motion and then walked away. But Christmas is the proof that this isn’t the case. God not only didn’t walk away, He invaded! He came into this world!

John’s gospel begins by talking about “the Word that was God”, and then declares that this very “Word” became flesh, and essentially moved into the neighbourhood. In other words, God the Word invaded! That’s what we celebrate at Christmas: that, in Jesus, God has breached the boundary between heaven and earth, and made Himself known to us, available to us, even vulnerable to us. Which is what makes God’s invasion unlike any other.

We invite you to encounter the Word made flesh with us this Christmas!

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