September 2021

Ever feel out-of-place in the world?

Ever find yourself longing for a “home” that’s only a faint memory or a vague hope?

That was the experience of God’s people long ago, and it can certainly be something we experience today. 

This fall, we’re going to begin by looking at the experience of “exile” and what it means for who we are and how we live today.  Later in the fall, we’re going to be asking “What does it mean to be chosen?” using the critically-acclaimed web-series “The Chosen”.  This eight-part dramatic presentation of the life of Jesus also gives insight into the impact of meeting Jesus on those who first followed Him.  “The Chosen” will be both the basis of a mid-week study and also of our preaching, beginning at the end of September. 

We hope you’ll join us! If you would like to get in touch with us or have any questions about St. Andrew's, please call the office at 416-438-4100  during the morning from Monday to Friday and someone who can answer your question will get back to you!

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