A Journey to Jerusalem

Between now and Easter, we enter a season which much of the Church calls Lent.  It's a time of year when we remember the road which took Jesus to the cross.  We might also call it the road to Jerusalem.  In Scripture, Jerusalem is a symbol of God's ultimate plan and promise for us.  The Bible ends with a New Jerusalem (Rev. 22), which stands in marked contrast to the realities we see played out in the current Jerusalem, both in the gospels and in the news.   During the coming weeks, the journey to Jerusalem will be our theme -- as we learn to walk with Jesus, and put our hope in the Jerusalem that is coming.  We hope you will join us!

What's Happening at St. Andrew's


Anniversary Sunday — June 12


Pentecost and the Lord’s Supper — June 5


Doors Open 2022 — May 28-29


Memorial Sunday — May 29


DOXA Daycamps!


Good Friday Worship

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Returning to In-Person Worship February 20, 2022


The Chosen, Season Two


Back to Virtual 🙁


Christmas Eve Worship — Changes