Advent 2023

The word “advent” means “arrival”, usually of a person -- and often as a sign that something new has begun.  Jesus’ arrival two-thousand years ago marked the beginning of a new stage in God’s plan.  In Jesus, God entered this world.  John’s gospel says that he made his dwelling among us.  He stepped into human life, and everything that means.


Don’t we long for a new beginning today?  It could be we’re seeking one in our own lives, or in one of our own relationships.  It could equally be that we’re longing for one for this hurting world, where so many relationships are not only strained, but torn apart by terror and conflict.  Couldn’t our prayer today be for another advent?  Years before Jesus came, the prophet Isaiah prayed “Oh, that you would rend the heavens and come down…” (Is. 64:1).  God answered that prayer in a most unexpected way, as an infant whose life would immediately be at risk.


The Bible promises that there will be another advent – the ultimate new beginning when Jesus returns once again.  Come join us for worship during the month of December to hear about what Jesus’ advent can mean for us.

What's Happening at St. Andrew's

coffee and muffin

Congregational Annual Meeting


Advent/Christmas Worship

Longest Night (Time 0_23_20;09)

Advent Family Activity


Fall Marketplace — November 5th, 2022 9 am-1 pm


Pumpkin Party! Saturday, October 29th 2022, 1-3pm