Planned Givings – A Reminder!

What is Planned Giving?

             As members and adherents of St. Andrew’s, we are familiar with the gifts we give to our church through our weekly offering or to special appeals such as the Earthquake in Nepal.

We give such gifts from our current income to meet ongoing expenses for our Church. We are less familiar with the many ways we can give to St. Andrew’s Church from our accumulated assets. This form of giving has come to be called “Planned Giving” within The Presbyterian Church of Canada.

As the name suggests, this involves planning,  financial planning so as to take advantage of various tax benefits and more importantly, faith motivated planning which ties our faith and giving together to ensure that our gifts will make a difference to the future life and mission at St. Andrew’s.

There are various methods of making a planned gift. Each of them has their benefits for both St. Andrew’s and the donor and each has it’s own tax implications:

Wills and Bequests

  •   Gifts of Annuities
  •   Gifts of Life Insurance
  •   Gifts of publicly listed securities
  •   Gifts of cash or valuables
  •   Gifts of property

As of the May 2006 Federal Budget, capital gains on securities gifted was eliminated.   At St. Andrew’s, we can now use the services of the stockbroker for The Presbyterian Church in Canada to handle any transaction. Forms detailing the procedure can be obtained from our Secretary.

I trust this communication will provide you with helpful insight to the potential of Planned Giving opportunities.  For any questions you may have, please contact me.  Contact the church office or church directory for my information.

In Christ,

Alan Leach, Stewardship

June, 2015