Presbytery Report

The following are excerpts from the Presbytery Visitation Report prepared in 2013 for the interest of the congregation:

Presbytery of Pickering Visitation to St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Scarborough, Ontario.

 Introduction On Sunday 28th April 2013, a Presbytery visitation to St. Andrew’s commenced with a visitation team, comprised of Mrs. Mary-Ann Loyst, the Rev. Dr. J.P. Ian Morrison, and Jim Seidler, in attendance at worship services at 9.00 a.m. and at 11.00 a.m. After both worship services, the visitation team met with the congregation. On Monday 6th May 2013, the visitation continued at St. Andrew’s with a visitation team meeting with the Board of Managers followed by a meeting with the Session. On Tuesday 7th May 2013, the visitation team met with the Minister.  Subsequent to these visitations the convener of the visitation team spoke with the Director of Music, Helen Simeonov, the Choir Director, Ianjai Mounsey and the Pastoral Assistant Katherine Heal.

 Basic information St. Andrew’s was formed in 1818; the Rev. C. Duncan Cameron has served St. Andrew’s from 1997 to date; Session is comprised of 24 elders including the Minister and the Clerk; the Board of Managers is comprised of 16 members; the congregation is comprised of 368 communicant members; 217 adherents including 57 children.


1.      The visitation team was warmly welcomed at both worship services and at all meetings.

2.      For approximately one hour between the two worship services, a time of fellowship in the church hall is enjoyed by people in attendance at both services. This time of fellowship maintains the congregation as a whole.

3.      Both worship services are similar in liturgical content. The 9.00 a.m. worship service includes contemporary music led by a praise team and the 11.00 a.m. worship service includes traditional hymnody with music led by an organ and choir.

4.      During the worship service at 11.00 a.m., 7 people were received as new members and were welcomed by 14 elders. In 2012, 11 people were received as new members.

5.      Participation by the congregation in the singing, recitation of the Lord’s Prayer was with full voice and conviction.

7.      The Minister preached a sermon that was biblical, both spiritually and practically nourishing and relevant to the life and work of the congregation.  The congregation was very attentive to the sermon and participated well in the whole service of worship.

8.         The questionnaire revealed strong support for the ministry of the Rev C. Duncan Cameron.  They were appreciative of the total leadership in the congregation.

9.         The meeting with the ruling elders of the Session revealed a strong commitment to serving God through giving serious and prayerful leadership within the congregation.  The committees of the session are functioning well.

10.       The meting with the Board of Managers revealed a strong commitment to ensuring that the property of the congregation is maintained in good repair.


The members, adherents, and children individually and collectively as a congregation are faithful in their attendance at worship, and show a willingness to share their faithful witness in whatever way they can with the local community, Canada and internationally. The congregation is to be commended for its faithful witness for close to 194 years to the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The Rev. C. Duncan Cameron, the Minister, is faithfully preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, is celebrating the sacraments of Holy Communion and baptism, and providing spiritual guidance to the congregation. His ministry includes teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and leadership of Christian life and work. The Rev. C. Duncan Cameron merits thanks for his faithful ministry, compliments and recognition for his achievements, and encouragement to continue his ministry.