Seasons of the Soul…

It sometimes seems as though the coming of spring can give us a new lease on life.  There’s something about sunshine and all that “green” that can suddenly snap a winter funk.  And yet, there are times when a simple change in the weather or when the sun comes up just aren’t enough.  They don’t address the underlying issues of our lives.

Anxiety, conflict, and doubt aren’t erased that easily.  Questions of meaning and purpose persist regardless of what time of year it is.  As the Church, we’re entering a time of year when we focus on a different kind of beginning than a change in the seasons — the beginning that happens as a result of the Holy Spirit entering your life.  The Holy Spirit is Jesus’ promise to the Church.  And the Spirit is the Church’s “breath of life”.

If you’ve been feeling as though thas been persisting in spite of the change of seasons, we invite you to join us and ask Jesus to breathe his Holy Spirit into your life as he did with his first disciples.  And our prayer would be that you would also experience the peace that Jesus spoke over them at that time.

Pastor Duncan Cameron