St. Andrew’s Supports Refugees

We are happy to report that funds for our Refugee Family who arrived in December are adequate at this time.  Pickering Presbytery also has a fund to support refugee families who arrive under its sponsorship.  You can donate to St. Andrew’s with a note on your envelope that the money be directed to Pickering Presbytery for refugees.

Until the end of February, the Federal Government will match your donations at $3 for every $1 donated for international refugees.  In addition to making the donation through the church, you can also visit the  Presbyterian World Service & Development Web Site to donate on line.

Thanks to everyone for their generosity.

During Lent, our congregation also supports PWS&D throughout the world, as it works with ‘partner’ organizations to assist with emergencies and to develop third world needs, such as education, training, clean water, health, etch.  Once again, you can visit the PWS&D website for more information.