Welcome to 2015!

As I write this, we’ve just come through the Christmas season, followed by the start of a new year.

From the very start, Christmas, the birth of Jesus, has been changing things.  For centuries the western world has divided history on the basis of Jesus’ birth.  The years before him were BC, “before Christ”; the years since his birth are AD, “anno domini”, meaning “the year of the Lord”.  In recent years, those same years have been relabelled as BCE, “before common era”, and CE, “common era” — but when you look at where the split happens, you know whose life defines it!  Modern people may ask “What changed so drastically that Jesus became the dividing point of history?”  It may be that, for you, there are more recent events which seem to have had far more influence over us.  My guess though is that, two thousand years from now, very few of those more modern events will be considered to have been all that significant in the greater scheme of things.  But Jesus has had an enduring power.  People who come to know Him still come away changed today.  They come away as part of the “new creation” the apostles wrote about.  They experience a fresh start much greater than the one offered by beginning a new calendar — and it’s a fresh start empowered by grace, and touched by confidence, and imbued with the knowledge that, while much will be lost and forgotten in the mists of time, Jesus endures!  Why not consider responding to his invitation to meet Him in 2015? 

Pastor Duncan Cameron.

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