Why Christianity? Good question. One of the best answers might be the fact that we’ve all got questions — about “Life, the Universe and Everything” (to borrow from Douglas Adams). We can ignore those questions a lot of the time, and sometimes life seems to leave almost no time or energy for them, but eventually we all come to realize that we need to have answers.

Jesus, who is the very heart of Christianity, claimed to be uniquely qualified to provide those answers: “I am the way, and the truth, and the life,” he said (John 14:6). In other words, he claimed to be The Answer. In fact, more people have been convinced of that claim than any other proposition, philosophy or religion in history. There is something about Jesus that sets him apart.

You may think of Christianity as outdated.  And certainly the way some people have responded to Jesus has been far more a product of the age they lived in than a product of Jesus’ own priorities.  But Jesus, The Answer, “the way, the truth, and the life” still influences more people globally than anyone!

We invite you to look through our web site and join us for worship or any of our programs.  We hope that you will discover The Answer that has brought meaning to more lives than any other.

Duncan Cameron, Pastor.

Duncan Cameron