Women’s Missionary Society – 100th Anniversary – May 16-19, 2014

To all the Presbyterian Women at St. Andrew’s The Women’s Missionary Society is celebrating their 100th Anniversary next year; May 16th to May 19th 2014.

The Theme for this celebration is Burst Forth.  Isaiah 35: 1 – 10

Place:  Sheraton Parkway Hotel, Richmond Hill, On. You do not have to stay at the hotel. If you live close enough you may wish to go home for the evening. Program start at 9:00am (breakfast is at 7:am) and are usually finished by 9:pm.

Registration Fees: (does not include hotel) before November 15th, 2013 $350.00 – after November 15th 2013 – $450.00.

Inquiries: womensgathering@presbyterian.ca

One keynote speaker will be Dr. Samantha Nutt. Samantha is an well known speaker and advocate for justice and peace, founder and executive director of War Child Canada, a staff physician at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto and an assistant professor of medicine at the University of Toronto.

A second keynote speaker will be Kim Phuc Thi. Kim was 9 years old when her picture was shown around the world. She was running down the road as napalm bombs were dropped on her village. She now lives in Toronto with her husband and two sons.

A copy of the daily agenda will be posted on our Presbyterian Women’s Board. Please check it out and see if you would be interested in attending this great event. This will be excellent opportunity to learn more about the WMS and the work they do here and worldwide. This would be the ideal time to meet some new friends and get reacquainted with old friends. Any questions or concerns please speak with Carol Dabene or Doris McAndless.