For over 200 years now, St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church has been a place where local residents have gathered to worship, pray, and find support through our very special community.   Please come and join us.  We would love to meet you.

Why does St. Andrew's Exist?

St. Andrew’s Church exists to help people experience LIFE through Christ by:

  • Providing Christ-centered worship
  • Extending loving fellowship
  • Pursuing meaningful discipleship
  • Fostering gift-oriented service, and
  • Engaging in culturally-sensitive evangelism.
What is St. Andrew’s?

 A congregation of the Church of Christ is many things, but it is above all, people!

  • It is lives changed, transformed and renewed by the grace and power of God.
  • It is relationships that have blossomed as a result of the love of God being placed within our hearts.
  • It is hopes and dreams and visions of what we can become together as we walk the path of discipleship.
  • It is brothers and sisters in Christ sharing the joys and trials, celebrations and heartaches of life.
  • It is people in fellowship with God through a relationship with Jesus Christ.